Purple Rinse Racing


Gwen started drag racing at age 71 - but every light is a practice light?

Gwen asked her sons if she could come along and watch when they went to a RWYB event.  As they thought she might want to leave earlier than them she took her car.


After a bit she then asked if she could have a go.  So after showing her licence and handing over the sign on fee she had a go...........

It is Run What You Brung and despite people thinking she was lost she put in 10 solid runs.  Breaking the gearbox of her micra but running a very consistent 20.54s for a 1/4 (it was a 1.0l Auto)

After a little instruction from Ian Marshall she also got her reaction times reliably down the the 0.1 second range.

Gwen then went looking for a new car.


After asking a confused salesman what it would do in the 1/4 she took it racing and signed up for the RWYB Challenge - CC4319.

This she ran for a year.  Getting so committed that on the way back from holiday that she was saying to her son - 'its RWY tomorrow, if you want to go I will come too' 

His response - 'but I'm not going'  To be asked over and over if he was going Gwen would go too.  So he gave in and went to RWYB!

Committed trefoil 
Here is a video of her I think the car beside her thought it would be an easy win!

After the end of the season Gwen wanted to go faster.

So got a Rover 75 for Christmas

2.5 v6 Auto


After running 17.1 she decided more was in order so asked for Nitrous Oxide injection

She got this for Mothers Day instead of flowers or chocolates

After major weight loss and as much nitrous as her mechanic could get out of the pulsoid

Warming the tyres! (Slowmo)

Gwen ran a 14.37@98mph. Here is the run on Youtube

Gwen decided it WASNT fast enough.

A Mitsubishi Legnum VR4 2.5 v6 twin turbo auto estate was procured.


It ran a 14.7 on its first outing but wasnt consistent.

After weight loss it ran a 14.4 but again not consistently.  The Rover proved to be the better car!

Then Gwen decided to have a go at Barrel Sprinting getting in the car when her son Steve took a break (he needs to sort out his OWN car!) Her first attempt was ok but then made a huge improvement at the ladies day but decided to stick to drag racing.

The Rover remained in use till it broke a piston and it was decided to take some time out to find the right car.

Then THIS turned up at the right money


It already has good tyres, lower ratio diff, cage, seats, remapped ecu

It had a Nytrex nitrous kit but I upgraded this to a WON kit to sort out the lean hit that the Nytrex kits have on single point injection.

Mustang Dyno pull 50shot

The car will need new coilpacks to add any more nitrous and the gearbox needs work!